Dream Team

Using the gifts you’ve been given

Discover Your Purpose

At Valley Rise, we believe that God has given everyone unique gifts and a unique purpose. The Dream Team is your opportunity to connect to your purpose, and put your gifts into action! We’ve designed the dream team so that serving in church is a fulfilling experience that allows you to play an important role in building the Kingdom of God! Whether your gift is a musical talent, or you love making people feel welcomed, or you have a passion for working with kids, Valley Rise has a place for you on the dream team!

How do I Join?

If you want to serve, the first step is attending Growth Track. Through Growth Track, you will learn more about the gifts that God has given you, and you will be introduced to all the unique serving opportunities that we have at Valley Rise. Once you have completed the class, you’ll be able to officially become a member of our Dream Team! Please be sure to stop by the Next Steps booth for more information!